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Fouling Day

TU Berlin, 7 June 2007

The last day of the training week focused on fouling in membrane bioreactors, through lectures about the current state of the art in fouling research by Prof. Kraume, Boris Lesjean, Pierre Le-Clech and Anja Drews. 

lecturesThe research into fouling mechanisms and more specifically the role of EPS/SMP as a main foulant led to a lively debate.  Main conclusion is that different operating conditions/set-ups lead to different impact of EPS/SMP on fouling, and after years of research, there is still no consensus about the exact role of EPS/SMP. 

Some of the concepts introduced during the lectures, such as EPS/SMP analyses, critical flux concept, etc. were practiced during a lab session.

The very interesting training week was concluded with a technical tour to the ENREM pilot plant in Margaretenhohe, Berlin.