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Luca D'Antonio

Italian - 25 years

MSc Environmental Engineering

MBR data acquisition, instrumentation and control (MBR-1)

December 2006 - June 2007



What my project is about

In this electronic world, everything is on mechanical control also an MBR system. To know as much as possible about devices, sensors, controllers, connections, wire, data logging, instrumentations and to be able to design a complete process control system, this is the right project.

Where I work and live

BIOMATH department at the Ghent University in Belgium. The department is known for its excellence in modelling. It is situated in the fourth largest city of Belgium, Ghent; famous for its flowers, medieval center, pubs and funny life of week nights.


To open your mind to the feature, you need to travel, to meet other people and culture, to listen different opinions, but you don’t have to forget your origin. Well, I think the MBR-train project is an opportunity to achieve all this and to transfer the the acquired knowledge to my PhD work, carried out at Naples University in Italy.

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