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Bart Verrecht

Belgian - 25 years

Master in Chemical Engineering

Comparison and evaluation of immersed MBR processes operating at the full scale (MBR-3)

October 2006 - September 2007

What my project is about

The project focuses on the evaluation and comparison of full-scale MBRs for urban reuse (toilet flushing / irrigation).  During three months of research at the American subsidiary of Thames Water, the aim is gathering in-depth operational and optimisation knowledge of reuse MBRs. This experience will then be applied to the first MBR for urban reuse in the UK, where the research goals is to obtain permeate suitable for reuse and to control fouling through EPS studies.

Where I work and live

This project is done at the department of Research and Development at Thames Water, based in Reading, UK. The practical research itself though is conducted for 3 months at urban reuse MBRs in New York (USA), in a cooperation with Applied Water Management, and afterwards in a newly built urban reuse MBR plant in South London


Applying for the project was quite a decision for me, since I had to give up an ongoing PhD I was doing in Belgium.  However, I got passionate about MBRs during my master’s thesis, and the project was just so cool I couldn’t resist.  I like a lot what I’m doing right now. The work at a water company, being confronted with real implementation challenges gives a valuable insight into my future work life. For the moment it just feels like I’m making a difference, instead of just making money, and that’s the most important thing for me.

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