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Antinéa Garcés

French and Ecuadorian - 24 years

Engineer in Sciences and Technologies of Water

Optimisation of operational costs in a full–scale MBR (MBR-4)

April 2006 - March 2007



What my project is about

High operational costs represent a major barrier in the widespread application of MBRs. The goal of this project is to decrease the operational costs of full-scale MBR Schilde without affecting the process performance. To do this, different optimisation procedures have to be first tested at pilot scale and then implemented and evaluated at full-scale.

Where I work and live

The project is being executed at Aquafin, the licence holder of wastewater treatment and infrastructure in Flanders. The company is located near Antwerp in Belgium. Even if Antwerp is a very nice city, I decided to live in the European capital: Brussels (50 km away from Antwerp), a very cosmopolitan city where there’s always something going on!


I wanted to gain expertise in the water treatment field and moreover in this new emerging MBR technology. Working on applied research in a private company and gaining more experience abroad was also very important for me. After this project I’d like to stay in this applied-research water sector and work in a company with international developments

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