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Alessio Fenu

Italian - 33 years

MSc in Water Treatment Engineering

Application of MBR models in full-scale plants (MBR-5)

August 2008 - August 2009



What my project is about

My project will fit existing process models depicting biological treatment and filtration performance to operational data of a full-scale wastewater treatment plant. Another task will be to couple these results with costs analysis and membrane aging prediction which have been determined in previous project. The main goal is to create a decision-making tool that can predict the applicability of MBR technologies for new installations, upgrading scenarios and optimizing performances.

Where I work and live

This project is based at the Research & Development department of Aquafin Aartselaar, nearby Antwerp. Apparently the middle European freeze did not prevent Flemish people to be very creative … thus the city is incredibly full of cultural events and festivals…. good premises for a memorable stay.


It feels very good to conclude a MSc in MBR technologies and continue working right after on the same topic in a company recognised for its applicable research. It is challenging to extend my knowledge to programming and modelling in order to arrive to a better understanding of MBR operation. This combination of working both theoretically and with 'real' full-scale plant data will certainly be a good career development.

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