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Loic Bonnet

French - 26 years

Master of Chemical Engineering

Impact of chemical cleaning agents on membrane materials (MBR-7)

May 2006 - April 2007



What my project is about

A membrane is like a filter that permits to separate 2 things, for example, a coffee filter. In this case, after one utilisation, the filter is fouled, and we have to change it. In wastewater treatment, MBR technology follows a similar approach. But we cannot afford to use the membranes only once! We need to maintain their filtration capacity through physical and chemical cleaning methods.

My main task is to optimised the membrane life-time through appropriate cleaning protocols. I also will try to develop a protocol for fast and representative fouling.

Where I work and live

Located in Aachen, capital of Charles the Great (Charlemagne), this project is hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering (Institut für Verfahrenstechnik) of RWTH Aachen University. This Department is specialised in membranes applications, with a team dedicated to the use of membranes in wastewater treatment.


After two experiences in wastewater treatment with MBR technology, working again in this domain as well as abroad was a real motivation. After this year, I hope to continue to work with MBR technology, where there are interesting challenges to realise.

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