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Tina Pikorova

Slovak - 26 years

Water Resources Management and Hydraulic Structures

Optimisation of full scale MBR operation for decentralised treatment (MBR-8)

September 2007 - August 2008



What my project is about

Decentralised membrane bioreactors which serve only a single or a few households are a promising approach to treat wastewater in unsewered areas and thus protect the environment. This project investigates such a household wastewater treatment plant, which is installed under real conditions. I will observe how membrane performance and activated sludge develop over time. The project also includes a technical and economic evaluation of the plant in order to figure out the potential for optimisation and operational cost savings.

Where I work and live

Brno University of Technology is the second largest and second oldest technical university in the Czech Republic. The project is carried out at Institute of Municipal Water Management.
Brno prides itself on many notable historic sites that show evidence of its rich cultural history. This town is situated in a picturesque countryside; it is dominated by the Spilberk castle and Petrov church, located on two hills in the center of town. Today Brno is a seat of universities.


The MBR-TRAIN project is an excellent opportunity to improve my knowledge about new trends in wastewater treatment, such as MBR technology. Particularly the practical work experience at this household MBR is a nice complement to my PhD, which I am  pursuing at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.

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