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Pawel Krzeminski

Polish - 28 years

MSc in Chemical and Process Engineering - Specialization: Engineering in Environmental Protection Processes

Comparison of operational processes of three full-scale MBRs (MBR-9)

January 2008 - December 2009


What my project is about

The objective of the project is to compare operational processes of different full-scale membrane bioreactors (MBRs) with a focus on filterability, reversibility and their relationship with operational parameters. Comparison database will be developed in order to identify correlations between those parameters. The final goal of comparison aims at cost, energy and chemical addition optimization of MBRs.

Where I work and live

Delft is located in south-west part of the Netherlands. City Delft is more than 750 years old and it is known for its typically Dutch town centre with canals; also for Delft Blue pottery, painter Johannes Vermeer, its association with the Royal Family, and the Delft University of Technology where the project is hosted. Project is realized at Section of Sanitary Engineering where a team of researchers is dedicated to membrane bioreactors.


I found this project as a perfect “next step” in my career as the research topic is very interesting and challenging. Moreover interdisciplinary work and international group of researchers supported by EU is a big advantage. I was also enthusiastic by a chance of working within a European research network and at one of the leading universities of technology with possibility of gaining PhD at it. Not to mention great opportunity to gain experience in water industry and membrane technology.

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