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Jan Svojitka

Czech - 26 years

MSc in Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Optimised treatment of landfill leachate in MBRs (MBR-11)

January 2007 - March 2008



What my project is about

In my project I will investigate how landfill leachate can be best degraded in a membrane bioreactor. Landfill leachate is a very special and strong wastewater which contains high concentrations of and slowly degradable pollutants. The composition of the wastewater leadds to the formation of a biomass with adverse separation properties. This can be solved by using membrane bioreactors (MBRs), but the permeability of membranes is lower compared to application for treatment of municipal wastewater.

Where I work and live

Aachen is a city with long and great history. It was founded by the Romans as a spa and in the Middle Ages it served as place of coronation of German emperors. At present it is an university town - there are 30.000 students enrolled at RWTH.


Spending some time of one’s life abroad is always an experience, that gives you much more then just the improvement in different language. Besides that it was a challenge for me to be involved in the most recent research on water/wastewater treatment - membrane technology. The project offers me the opportunity to upgrade my PhD work, carried out in Prague. Additionally, the training on MBR applications will for sure become a favourable asset in my vita.

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