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Jozef Kochan

Slovak - 24 years

MSc in Chemical Engineering

Influence of membrane material properties on fouling in MBRs (MBR-15)

October 2006 - September 2009



What my project is about

This project investigates the influence of specific membrane properties on the performance. Each membrane parameter can characteristically affect the filtration process. The systematic characterisation of different membranes is a straight-forward approach to reveal these relationsships.

Where I work and live

Aachen is a medium sized city, bordering both, the Netherlands and Belgium. It is only a couple of steps from my house to the tripoint where you can stand in all three countrie at the same time. RWTH Aachen University is one on the biggest technical universities in Germany. Obviously, more than 30,000 students also dominate the pub scene and "night-life": it's a really great student city.


Particularly for me as a scientist from the new member states, the challenge to work abroad in a European project was a major driver. Meeting new people, working in an interdisciplinary environment and researching a developing technology gives a lot of motivation.

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