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Nacho Martín García

Spanish - 27 years

MSc in Chemical Engineering

Comparison of aerobic and anaerobic MBRs for wastewater treatment (MBR-17)

June 2006 - May 2009



What my project is about

The aim of the project is to compare the biological and the membrane performance of aerobic and anaerobic MBRs treating low strength wastewaters taking into account the energy requirements of both systems.

Where I work and live

Cranfield University is a Postgraduate University located in Cranfield, a small village one hour away from London. Cranfield campus has sport facilities, clubs as well as places to eat and drink, and although it is located in a pleasant rural surroundings activities are never far away.


I applied to MBR-Train project because I was seeking the experience of living and working in a different country. Pursuing up to date MBR technology research at one of the most reknown universities in the UK and within a European network of specialist in this field will definitely help me on my professional future. Attractive salary conditions and the possibility of travelling around Europe make this Marie Curie fellowship an even more interesting opportunity.

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