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Nicolas Rios

Columbian - 27 years

MSc in Process Engineering - Specialty: Environmental & Energy Engineering

Mathematical Modelling and Process Control of MBRs (MBR-18)

October 2006 - September 2009



What my project is about

The project that I involved with is in the modelling of a tubular membrane for a side-stream membrane bioreactor (sMBR). The objective is to model the flow pattern and the filtration process inside the membrane as close as possible to the reality using special computational fluid dynamics software. Th final goal is to identify the best operational mode with the least fouling.

Where I work and live

Ghent, Belgium. The city is located at 30 min from Brussels; the downtown has a splendid medieval architecture and has several places to visit like the Saint Bavo Cathedral, the belfry and the Gravensteen castle. Ghent university is among the best universities in Belgium and the department has a long reputation in modelling and process control of waste water treatment processes.


I wanted to pursue a post graduate position in research and development and be able to make full use of my academic and engineering skills; I found the MBR-TRAIN program, which offers me to gain practical field exposure, excellent career growth opportunities, international environment, diversity, innovation, intercultural exchange and good career prospects.

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