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Adrien Moreau

French - 24 years

MSc in Process Engineering

Effect of dynamic changes of feed water on operations parameters within MBRs (MBR 19)

October 2006 - September 2009

What my project is about

MBRs are using a membrane as the final step in wastewater treatment. This assures that clean water is obtained at the output. The physical barrier retains particular matter and most of the microbes. Unfortunately, membranes are working like a coffee filter, i.e. they easily get clogged depending on what you try to filter. My project investigates how different factors such as particle size, composition of wastewater etc influence the clogging or fouling of the membrane. The overall aim is identify operational modes at which clogging is minimal.

Where I work and live

This project takes place at the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geoscience of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Delft is situated right between The Hague and Rotterdam. Delft is an ideal place for foreigners to get to know the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, due to its central location.


After my graduation, my plan was to find a position abroad and in water treatment, if possible. Unfortunately, as a freshly graduated with only a few specific experiences, finding an interesting position is almost impossible. Not so in MBR-TRAIN which particularly addresses us Early Stage Researchers! I saw the advertisement for MBR-TRAIN and everything was in it: a foreign country, a very interesting project on a “new technology” and something that I did not even expect, a strong network of knowledge.

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