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Poster award

Poster CeremonyIn the frame of the final MBR-network Workshop, held from 31 March to 1 April 2009 in Berlin, our fellow Nicolas Rios won one of the Best Poster Prizes.

The jury acknowledged his work on 'Hydrodynamic CFD simulation of a two-phase flow and mass transfer coefficient determination in an ultrafiltration membrane tube for a side-stream membrane bioreactor'.

Further prizes were awarded to Christian Binz for his work on ‘Development Perspectives of on-site MBR Treatment plants in the municipal wastewater sector of China’ and P.G Rathnasiri for his investigation of ‘Effects of Biofilm Formation on Oxygen Transfer Membranes in Membrane Micro-Aerated Anaerobic Digesters’.

Congratulations to all of them!


poster ceremony.