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Research projects overview

The research in MBR-TRAIN aims to optimise the operation of membrane bioreactors.

One central process in MBR is the physical separation step at the membrane, which in turn is influenced and modified by a variety of parameters and components. Due to the combination of membrane filtration with a biological process the membranes are more susceptible to fouling thus loosing part of their filtration capacity. Measures to prevent or control fouling are therefore in the focus of the research activities.

The investigations will improve the understanding of fouling mechanisms and interactions between membrane and sludge matrix but also the impact of the membrane material properties and design and their influence on fouling. The findings shall be used to advance the modelling of MBR processes in order to improve the prediction of plant performance. The scope of the offered research projects ranges from laboratory scale experimental set-ups to pilot- and full-scale operational plants.

MBR-TRAIN concentrates its efforts on the open questions of viable MBR technology application while utilising different approaches and methodologies pursued in the participating institutions. In total, MBR-TRAIN offers 19 individual research projects of different duration.

View a detailed list of the different projects here.